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aslee livingston

industrial designer, design thinking, product development, DFM, UI/UX

Aslee is an expansive industrial designer with a BSID from Georgia Tech. She has spent the past two years working for Atlanta-based mobile accessories company, Case-mate, where she learned extensively about manufacturing methods, packaging design, and anticipating fashion trends.

An ardent traveler, Aslee has spent time living, studying, and working in South America (Chile) and Asia (China). Her travels have informed her minimalist design aesthetic and understanding of design for people not design for technology.

Aslee's magical place is where her creative pursuits- design, fashion, and art-intersect.

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mike vinson

industrial designer, llustration, design thinking, product development, UI/UX

Following his undergrad at Georgia Tech, Mike began his career at the Coca-Cola Company where he worked as an art director, helping to design and craft projects ranging from brand identities to physical and 3D products.

After leaving Coke, he began consulting with startups, staying up way too late, and began listening to what everyone else agrees to be pretty bad music.

Mike has pursued creativity in art, music, business and design, finding the balance between function and form, and works to understand issues that can be improved with design. As founder of Formhouse, he works to create a workplace of shared interest on both the client and consultant side, and to create better conversation on design in Atlanta.

inspiration: Dr. Suess, Stormtroopers, bananas, the Eames dynasty, Thom Yorke

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