What it’s about

"NIMBUS Intelligent Watering System™ is a self-watering planter that allows the plant and its environment to determine exactly how much water is needed and when it needs it"

Intelligent watering device planter photo


Houseworks Group had an inventor and a very impressive working invention. We helped them take this prototype and make a marketable product. We designed the injection molded polypropylene parts around the patented functionality of the invention.



The design is a standalone and insert potting solution that has very clear water level indication and exceedingly easy to refill reservoir.

Self watering planter design section viewSelf watering planter design hastaSelf watering planter indoor outdoor designIntelligent watering planter industrial design for nimbusIntelligent watering device for office design with fiddle leaf figPhoto of Automatic watering planter for kitchen design with basil and tomatoes

“ Thanks to its functionally well thought-through design, NIMBUS allows the users to water their plants automatically for several months. ” — Statement by the jury as printed in the Red Dot Design “DOING” Yearbook 2015/2016

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